Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan


Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan has drafted a National Intellectual Property Strategy (2017-21) to facilitate the effective creation, development, management, and protection of intellectual property at national level. The draft National Intellectual Property (NIP) Strategy is a cross-cutting document which provides guidance for future activities to strengthen the countrys ability to generate valuable IP assets for economic progress.

Pakistan possesses assets in the form of human capital, innovation capabilities, literary and artistic works, crafts and folklore and genetic and biological assets. NIP Strategy would help in effective and result oriented coordination with stakeholders to fully benefit from national IP assets in a planned, efficient and sustainable manner. Resultantly, it would promote innovation and creation which is salient basis of national development in knowledge-based global era. Effective contributions from stakeholders would help in refinement of the draft NIP Strategy. 

IPO Pakistan attaches great importance to the input of its stakeholders. It is strongly encouraged to share your valuable comments on the Draft NIP Strategy till January 31, 2017 on the following email address:

Click here to download/view Draft NIP Strategy

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