Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan


The IPO Policy Board effectively symbolizes the spirit of Public-Private Partnership which, in fact, is the new paradigm of participative governance in Pakistan. It also combines the finest expertise of public administration and corporate management in the best national interest. Till date following meetings of the IPO Policy Board have been held:



IPO Policy Board's Meetings


Meeting #       Meeting  held  on :


1st                    11th August, 2005

2nd                   28th November, 2005

3rd                    29th December, 2005

4th                    28th December, 2006

5th                   12th April, 2008 

6th                    4th July, 2009

7th                    6th November, 2009

8th                    14th April, 2009

9th                    24th February, 2015

10th                  15th September, 2015

11th                 12th April, 2016

IPR Enforcement Coordination Committee Meeting held in Islamabad on 28th December, 2016  2016-12-29

orcement of IP rights through designated......

Plant Breeders’ Rights Act Promulgated  2016-12-29

ft Plant Breeders’ Rights Law prepared......

12th Meeting of the IPO Policy Board was held on December 22, 2016  2016-12-28

h Meeting of the IPO Policy Board was he......